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247 N Main Street
Mt. Airy, NC 27030


Creative Sewing Machines offers training for your BERNINA software and machines. Sue Shrader has been recognized as a leader in BERNINA education with her BERNINA workbooks and training guides. The in-store training sessions she offers bring people to their Mount Airy NC store from around the world.


Creative Sewing Machines is a leading training destination for all things related to the BERNINA sewing machines. We offer training, workbooks, and sewing machine sales and services.

Welcome to Creative Sewing Machines!

Our Workbook for BERNINA Embroidery Software 7 is Here!!

This is perfect! Love it, love it, love it! Best training book available. Thank you so much. Worth every penny. Tell anyone who is just thinking about it to call me!
— Kris in Texas

This software will provide you with an endless variety of ways to use your embroidery machine so you’ll want to play and play!  The goal of the workbook for BERNINA Embroidery Software is to make you very comfortable with all the tools of the software by introducing them one at a time until you have used and mastered each one.

Version 7 Workbook
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Each step of the lesson will be detailed with screen captures.  This will make it easy for you to see exactly how your screen should look and keep you on track.  There will be a red arrow that will point to important features as you progress through the lessons. Take each lesson in order and you will gradually build your knowledge so that by the end of the book you should be comfortable using all the tools in the software. 

The workbook is made up of over 400 pages and starts with a Getting Ready introduction that is followed by 65 Lessons. The lessons 1-42 will progress through the features that work on both the EditorPlus and DesignerPlus.  Lessons 43-65 will be usable only with DesignerPlus.  If you only have EditorPlus, you’ll have a chance to see what you can do with DesignerPlus and perhaps decide to upgrade. 

It's time to have fun! 

Sue Shrader

Click here for more information, including lesson descriptions!

I visited your shop today...adorable...wonderful fabrics...friendly staff...thank you..
— Martha on Facebook

Creative Sewing Machines has been in Mount Airy, North Carolina for over 18 years, and we are open and eager to serve you. We are a full service store providing Sales, Service, and Classes for your BERNINA sewing machine.

Sue Shrader is an internationally known teacher, writing several workbooks on the BERNINA software. Her workbook is used by novices and trainers worldwide to easily explain and work with BERNINA's flagship software. You can purchase these workbooks through our website by clicking here.

We are especially proud to be named a BERNINA 2013 Excellence Dealer! 


Creative Sewing Machines has a history of helping people be creative with their BERNINA sewing machines for over 30 years! Sue and Timmesa are proud to call Mount Airy home. Learn more about our history here.


We have classes to help you learn and use your BERNINA sewing machine. From beginner lessons to advanced activities, we have the class and training to help you express your creativity! Our class schedule is here for you to sign up!


Sue wrote the book, literally! Her workbooks have taught thousands of people how to use the BERNINA software, with an approach that is friendly and helpful for people of all levels. You can purchase the latest versions here.