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Mt. Airy's BERNINA and Brother dealership
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Monday, March 30, 2020

Friends, we are sad that we will miss seeing you for the next thirty days but we are glad to comply with the governor's order to stay at home and isolate. The NC Executive Order stays in place until April 30th, and at that time we will assess as to whether we feel, as a family, that it is time to reopen. In the meantime, you can contact Timmesa at the store cell number 336 673 8384. I'll try to have it with me during regular hours from 10-5, but if you need me at other times, I will try to answer as well. You can text or call this number. I am shipping the V8 Workbook from my home, so those will go out in a timely manner. 

I posted on Facebook the need for mask makers, and I'm so happy that so many people contacted me about making them. Pick up and drop off is at my house and I'm getting low on the elastic that Mountain Valley Hospice provided for us, but I still have a few kits left. Please contact me for my address if you'd like to help. I live in town, close to the shop. Click here for directions on making the masks.

Please contact me if you have an issue with your sewing machine, want to purchase a new sewing machine or accessory, or have any other questions or concerns. I'll do my best to help!

Please send pictures of projects you're working on to

Sunday, March 22, 2020

I have had several people ask about making masks for medical professionals. I called Northern Hospital and was informed that they are not accepting them there at the present time. However, if you care to make a mask to send elsewhere, we have some elastic we can share. There's a basket hanging beside our door at the store with 2 yard cuts of elastic, enough to make about six masks. Stop by and grab one or two if you like. We don't have that much to share-- and our main distributor is in a shelter in place order-- so it's all we can do at this time. Know you can also use ribbons or bias tape to tie as well. And these masks are really a last resort option- read all the warnings out there and don't rely on a thin cotton mask to do what a medical grade on will. 

March 21, 2020
In the interest of the health of our customers and our family, we will be closed until April 6th. We appreciate your support of our small business. Book orders will continue to ship from my home! ~Timmesa

March 20, 2020

We are closed for browsing and the door is locked, I will open it if you need me. Again, no general maintenance sewing machine service is offered at this time. I plan to be at the shop unless a shelter in place order is given. Thank you for your patronage! Book orders are shipping!

Be well,

March 19, 2020

Today we  have closed the store to browsing, and are keeping the door locked until someone calls with a direct need and I can come to the door. We will offer curbside pick up. Our on-line store frankly needs a lot of work and I'll try to get that up and going. But the fact is, you guys are probably not that interested in a lot of fabric right now. We know you have stashes and stashes. But if you need or want fabric, or any notion or sewing accessory, we hope that you will choose us. We can ship to you for orders over $50.00. I plan to be at work as long as I can. 

Since a good part of our customer basis is over the age of 60, we are very hesitant to offer any incentives at this point that will get you out of the house. But if you are in the market for a BERNINA or Brother Sewing machine, our demonstrator models are on sale for great prices. I even got in a new Bernette b70 Embroidery machine yesterday as a new floor model-- it's not even been opened-- I would love for it to live with you at a fantastic discount. We can even ship the machines to you now, which we weren't able to do previously. We appreciate BERNINA bending the rules for us as we all figure this out.

Please do not bring us your machine for routine service. I do not want to have your machine in the store when I may have to close and not get back to work for a time. If your machine has a problem, I will do my best to get you up and going. But I may not be able to, and ask for grace if I am unable to get to your machine.  If your warranty is about to run out in the next couple months and you need it serviced, please do not worry, you need to know I will take care of you without charge. 

Mom is at home, caring for Dad and keeping herself well. She's been out of the store this week and I do not see her being back for a good while. It may be two weeks, it may be longer. My mom is my touch point, my best friend, and my hero. I do not want her in any situation in which she may contract this horrible virus. My daughter is 24 and has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and a compromised immune system. Her caregiver put in her notice today because she can't practice social distancing with her and has to care for her own child at home. It's all systemic, and it's just how it has to be, and I have to make sure my Megan has someone to take care of her. 

Your hobby is important to you, but it's also important to my family, because it's how we live. Small businesses are the backbone of this country. Mom and Dad opened this business in 1983! How incredible is that? They took a big jump, a leap of faith, together, because they knew they could create something special. I think that they have. We will regroup and we will all be there for each other.

Be well,

Welcome to Creative Sewing Machines

Here at Creative Sewing Machines, we realize you have a lot of options when it comes to shopping for sewing equipment, software and supplies. That’s why we are committed to providing a wide selection of fabrics, notions, and quality sewing machines for you to choose from. We offer extensive education and service on every BERNINA and brother sewing and embroidery machine, to ensure that you get the best value, enjoyment, and success from your purchases.

As an authorized dealer for BERNINA since 1983 and brother since 2016, we offer the most up to date products, technologies, and promotions on the market today.

Sue's workbooks on the BERNINA Embroidery software are used locally, nationally, and internationally by people who want a logical and no-nonsense approach to learning to edit and create their own embroidery designs.

Timmesa is a certified BERNINA technician and we are a Brother authorized service center.  We service the machines that we sell and take good care of our customers after the sale!  

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