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90300: 10:30AM Beginner Session

Beginner Classes at Creative Sewing! Choose from six different projects that are beginner level. Pay per time that you come.  Each person in class may be working on a different project of their choice! 


How much is each class session?

Each 2 ½ hour session is $30.00.

If I don’t finish the project in one session can I come back to complete it?

Each project takes a different amount of sessions to complete. How fast you complete the project depends on your skill level and whether you are willing to do “homework” between instructional sessions. We have listed the typical amount of sessions we think it will take to complete the project. If you need additional sessions, you will be responsible for the additional class fee. We are sorry-- we can't offer the opportunity to do your homework in the store in between sessions. Please do keep in mind that one person might require three sessions to another person's six. 

Can I come early or stay late?

Class will begin and end promptly.

Can I just show up for class?

Registration is required by Tuesday afternoons at 3PM on the day before the class you want to take. 

How many people will be in each class?

So that you will get plenty of attention, we are limiting each class session to 4 people. We have no idea if you'll be a single student or if you'll have three other classmates.

When do I pay for class?

You should plan on paying for class when you register. To ensure your spot for the following week, consider registering for the next session before you leave class that day. We don't know how all this will go-- you may be a lone student or have three other classmates. Keep in mind that if you start a project and then life happens and you can't register for another for a few weeks-- that's cool. In fact, that's why we think this will work. So many times we have classes that are set for several weeks in a row and your child or grandchild has a school play, soccer game or you have a meeting you can't miss. We will refresh your memory and get you started back up when you are ready.

I really want to come but I just hate to use my credit card online! What do I do?

First of all, we use a secure server-- see the little lock at the top of the screen next to our web address? We pay extra for that cute little lock which adds yet another layer of protection to your transaction. But we get it, some people just aren't comfortable. So, you can call us with your credit card, you can mail us a check or you can come by either Creative Sewing Machines or Oopsy Daisy to pay.

Can I get my money back if I decide not to come?

Prepayment is required and is non-refundable. Since our class size is so small, taking up a seat and not coming is a bummer for the person who couldn’t get in. If you call to cancel by Monday afternoon at 3PM, we will make a note that you will come at a future time that you have already paid for. That gives us time to contact anyone who has asked us to place them on our waiting list.

I just registered and I'm super excited! What do I do next?

You can send me an email at and tell me which project you've chosen and I'll send you a supply list. Or you can just come by either Oopsy Daisy or Creative Sewing Machines to see the projects and pick up the supply list and get what you need while you're there. I have them all typed up and ready to go!

Where do I get my fabric and supplies?

Our little sister store, Oopsy Daisy Fabric Boutique, is at 411 North Main. Please buy your fabric for class at our store so we are all working with high quality fabric. We extend a 20% discount to you for your fabric. Your notions from your supply list can be purchased at a 10% discount at Creative Sewing Machines.

This listing is nice, but I would rather make something different. Can I bring my own project?

We are offering the choice of six projects.  We will add different projects as time goes on, and archive present ones to bring back at another time.  You can certainly voice your desires to us and we will do what we can!

I don’t have a sewing machine that I want to bring to class, can I borrow yours?

If you do not have a sewing machine, we sell BERNINA and Brother machines at very competitive prices. We can offer a classroom machine for you to use during your class; however, you’ll need to purchase your needles and a bobbin for your use. We must know upon registration if you require the use of our machine so we can set the classroom up accordingly.

I have a machine at home but want to use yours. It threads differently than mine, though, so can you just handle that for me while I’m here?

All students must be able to not just learn the project, but become comfortable with threading the sewing machine, threading the needle, winding the bobbin and inserting the bobbin into the bobbin case and the machine. If you want to use our machine, we need you to take a few minutes to learn this from us. That way we aren’t taking time away from another student each time you run out of bobbin thread. It’s always good to have an idea of how another kind of machine works.

My child talks about sewing all the time! I want to bring her, is that okay?

Here’s the thing. We love kids and we love kids that want to learn. But what we have found over the years is that kids do better in a kids only environment. If your child under the age of 15 has three friends and you want to take over a class session, that’s perfectly fine, especially if another grown up comes along as well. But as a general rule, our classes listed here are offered to individuals age 15 and older.

What exactly am I getting for my $30.00 class fee?

You are getting instruction from Sue Shrader, who has fifty years of sewing experience, and Timmesa Shrader Wishart, her daughter who has been sewing for over 30 years and learned everything she knows from her mom. Because her mom is awesome. 

More questions? Email me at and I'll answer you and share it here as well.


Skill Level:
Sue and Timmesa

90300: 10:30AM Beginner Session

$ 30.00
Price is for one class session, additional class sessions are purchased separately
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